Why Artists Are Never Happy | Summary of Information Related to what is good art

by Alex Tran

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Why Artists Are Never Happy | News what is good art Latest

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Why Artists Are Never Happy and images related to this what is good art.

Why Artists Are Never Happy

Why Artists Are Never Happy

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Let’s talk about discontentment.

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Why Artists Are Never Happy.

what is good art.

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Brianna 28/08/2021 - 04:41


MittelEgo 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Great video

ruffgook 28/08/2021 - 04:41

1. vast majority aren't talented
2. they dont make money
3. constantly looking for new idea, excitement
4. public dont give a shit about meaning behind their art.
5. being normal isn't cool for them, so they look for alternative lifestyle and become depressed.
6. art is something to be criticized not to be admired for them.

Kendra 28/08/2021 - 04:41

For Simon Cade, do you mind if I use this audio in one video and publish it on social media? I am a photographer and I feel this words inside of me.
I reference and credit the creator.

WOW QUÀO 28/08/2021 - 04:41

It's brilliant bro. I needed these words so badly. No I have a courage to submit my undone project to my professor!

The Art Of Making Alternative Media 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I love this as it’s hitting on my own ways of doing things.

I like to push my self to bring something new to the table that has not yet been done before and will push me to learn new skills.

Even if I need to fight for it.

I develop myself every time I do with improving myself along the way.

I believe in my self and my vision that I am creating.

Mima Tara 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I’m depressed because I can’t draw great and I’m not creative at all

• S i m p• 28/08/2021 - 04:41

A word of advice: NEVER E V E R, Go through a artists sketchbook without asking first.

Leandro Lopes 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I have a saying for myself for when I'm not so satisfied with my drawing "your not going to draw the mona lisa every time you draw" and that does help a bit

Fahmi Tajjuddin 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Me try to make commic: yeah this is shit!

E Can2 28/08/2021 - 04:41


karen oberoi 28/08/2021 - 04:41

how drawing an art for me goes:

"ehh let's make the head tilty"
"Ah there we go"
"Now for the clothe-"
"i can't do dress frills, CRIES"
"Life sucks"
" Intense mental breakdown "

Ti Molica 28/08/2021 - 04:41

You only love your art for about a millisecond and despise it afterwards

Joao Carlos 28/08/2021 - 04:41

that flowstate feels bether than sex

ghkammmp 28/08/2021 - 04:41

You know I can understand that but when I am trying to give my fellow artists advice "not bad but your art need improvement" they shouldn't attack me right? Like I still can't understand someone and their friends in a eddsworld amino just attack me for that they even call my mother ugly I still can't get over this…

Zurakto Bambuzi 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Because they live in their own world of imagination that will never come real?

Lumo Da Gr8 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I really needed this thank you

RapiDEraZeR 28/08/2021 - 04:41


cabbie 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I always compair my art to others art ..I do this every time , I see someone's art I be like damn that's good everyone is appreciating thier art and I see mine .. I'll end up erasing it

Ariadna Carrasco 28/08/2021 - 04:41

facebook reminds me this, and its still so relatable

MegaZoomeZ 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Some paintings I've done took little effort and they were good. Others I obsessed over to make and I didn't like the finished product. One thing I've learned is that I may not like everything I make, but I always remember the process. Sometimes enjoying what ur doing is more important

chekkygurl182 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Finally, something that makes sense to me and the process I'm going through in my artistic pursuits

Trash BFS Player 28/08/2021 - 04:41

yep, defo me
i always delete everything i do, something i had always wanted to do, because i just dont think its good enough. i always think it looks so bad. (i still do, please my art is horrible)

Cristopher Tapia 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Needed this wow

Z Speed Art 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I just hate how art is underestimated, that's one of the most common reasons why artists are always so depressed, those of you who underestimate art, if there was just a world with no art I can throw you in.

Z Speed Art 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I just hate how art is underestimated, that's one of the most common reasons why artists are always so depressed, those of you who underestimate art, if there was just a world with no art I can throw you in.

qxomamziY 28/08/2021 - 04:41

May I borrow the script?

C B 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Jesus loves you!

12AliCat6 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Biggest mistake as an artist is getting into the vicious ‘perfectionist’ cycle.

Maddog The Madlad 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Basically: We artists feel the need to get better even if people tell us that we're good enough, because we just can't accept that the work that we made is our limit. And please don't get me wrong, we like our own stuff. We really do. But for 10 days or 25 days at the most. Then we think that we need to do better.

Savenia Melinda 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I was a happy artist when i was still a student but now that i’ve became a full time artist, i’m a very-not-happy artist. My inner critic really stressed me out to the point it affect my health as well. I experienced hair loss, skin problem, and weight loss because of my stress. I always feels inadequate and always looking for mistakes in my art. I think if i can’t see my flaws, it means i’m not growing but whenever i did that it also makes me suffer. I’m seriously contemplating to quit art because i don’t know if it’s worth it for my health but on the other side i can’t deny that i love making art so much.

Zacks ArtStudio 28/08/2021 - 04:41

here's a bit more optimistic way to look at it (coming from an optimistic digital artist)
an artist's life is one where you're never good enough, it seems like every time you take a step another 10 steps are added to the road, that finish line is never in reach, you're chasing the uncatchable
so stop playing at being a fortune teller and try and see how many steps you have left, and start counting how many steps you took
it's when you look at where you started and then at where you at, that's when you realize "yeah, it ain't so bad" and remember, that LOL splash artist that seems 10 times better than you, he too has the feeling that he's not good enough
so remember, you've come a long way, no turning back now, you gotta see it through, and remember, when you're at the bottom, there's nowhere to go but up, so keep flying till not even the sky can hold you down

Suhani Pathak 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Every time I write anything I end up finding faults in it and how its not good enough or how it's not "poetic" enough for what poems are or what poems should make you feel and after watching this video I guess I know why art is pain after all

Woody Woodlandweller 28/08/2021 - 04:41

thank u for giving me clarity…I'm confused on what art form I should follow, I have a knack for photography and at the same time I'm also practicing music but I wanna write as well…anyone out there feeling the same? idk

Terrible Tornado 28/08/2021 - 04:41

I have 16 different art styles to cry over every day.
I think we can all agree on the fact that hands are a nightmare to draw. Like, they're just bony, uncooked sausages growing out of a stub at the end of your arm.

roise tenorio 28/08/2021 - 04:41

as someone who loves music im scared to put my music out there because it may not liked by many people and im afraid to hear the hurting words , As a painter i keep on chasing this perfection in order for me to be satisfied . as a dancer i always compare myself to others and that i dont dance as powerful as them or as flowy as them , i dont have enough control on my body , Im complete mess

Dunkel Nepomuk Norbert 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Abtgi-creative co-workers and bosses are masterfully kill the creativity itself and the creative poeples also. THSO world is made for the AVERGE people. This a fact. It is a most important question how we cooping with it?.

rods 28/08/2021 - 04:41

@YouTube I want more videos like that in my recommendation page.

Don Rovert 28/08/2021 - 04:41


Daishi 28/08/2021 - 04:41

It is

kokichi oma 28/08/2021 - 04:41

"don't fail don't fail don't fail don't fail don't fail"

Tan junhao 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Mr after I draw: this is a piece of sh*t

Arturo Dela Cruz iii 28/08/2021 - 04:41

being artist is being creative

Dr. Natsukashii 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Life is an ending misery and artists find ways to cope with that and it is through Art.
Art is lie that tells the truth.
There are two ways in order to save your soul, engaging in Philosophy and Art.

KungFu Chowder 28/08/2021 - 04:41

Good video. I disagree though. I'm highly creative and sometimes I just find myself in the right place at the right time and get a great idea. It doesn't always happen. Sometimes I will have an idea I think is awesome but I find out it's bad for whatever reason. And sometimes my idea is really genius but it's received poorly and just doesn't get put in the right place at the right time. Or sometimes I'll find that my great idea is something that I don't have the resources to make happen. Still, these reasons are depressing though. It's hard being creative and sometimes you just want to be normal but you think differently than anyone else.


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