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Telstra Announces Australia's Pay Phones Are Now Free to Use | News telstra call history Latest

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Telstra Announces Australia's Pay Phones Are Now Free to Use and images related to this telstra call history.

Telstra Announces Australia's Pay Phones Are Now Free to Use

Telstra Announces Australia's Pay Phones Are Now Free to Use

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If you need to make a phone call, but you’re short on some coin, well fear not because payphones are now free! Telstra, who operates all payphones across the country made the announcement today, saying they want to give every Aussie the chance to be able to stay in touch, especially in difficult situations. Yep, as of today, Telstra’s network of more than 15,000 payphones will be free to use for all Australians. As long as the calls aren’t overseas, and they last less than 6 hours. While they might seem like relics of the past, Telstra said more than 11 million calls were made last year. Including 230,000 to services like triple 0 and lifeline. Australia’s first public telephone opened in the Sydney Post office in 1893, a hundred years later in the 1990’s, there were more than 80,000 scattered across the country. But now their numbers have dwindled because people just use their mobiles. Telstra says having free access to a phone call is really important for people in life-threatening situations, contacting loved ones after things like bushfires, or just phoning a friend when you’re lonely. So if like me, you’ve never been to a phone booth, well maybe today is the day to change that.

More than one hundred of our Olympians are back home in Australia! They touched down in Darwin this morning where they’ll spend 14 days in quarantine. The arrivals include some of our biggest medal winners, like Ariarne Titmus and Emma McKeon, as well as other members of the swimming team, the women’s rugby sevens, and boxers and cyclists. Because of the whole COVID situation in Japan, athletes have to leave the Olympic village within 48 hours of their last event.

If you’re a fan of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, then you’re probably way too excited about this picture. It’s the first image we’ve seen from the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show, which still doesn’t have a name, but is set to be released in September next year. Amazon’s reportedly spent 631 million dollars on the first season of the show, which means it’s easily the most expensive TV series ever made.

And now it’s time to meet Spot. Well, hundreds of spots actually. These four-legged robots are now helping police forces all over the world. They scout for danger. Open doors. Switch on lights. Pick things up, and impressively jump rope! In fact, you might’ve seen them before. These are Boston Dynamic’s four-legged robots known as Spot! They’ve been helping out police forces around the world for a while. But now, Spot’s got a new and important job. In Hawaii, they’re helping out with COVID-19. They take people’s temperatures before entering shelters and interview COVID-positive people to find out where they’ve been. The cool thing is that the robots memorise routines over time, so the more they’re used, the smarter they get. So who knows, we could be seeing even more of these four-legged helpers around the world pretty soon!

Ariana Grande has announced she’s partnered up with Fortnite for an epic in-game live show! The Rift Tour is a 5 performance special event set to take place this weekend, and fans are hyped!

At the ripe old age of 4, Brigitte is already a whizz at the piano. She’s only been playing for about a year, and has already competed in local competitions with kids twice her age! And while she can’t quite reach the pedals yet, she sure knows how to maneuver Beethoven’s Sonatina in F Major.

Unfortunately, if you happen to live in the town of Tutaev, on the bank of the River Volga, you might be familiar with this sound. Thirty participants are trying their hand at the ancient skill of bell ringing. Open to anyone who wants to give it a go, this is the 5th time the bell ringing festival has been held. Now, it is a unique instrument. But let’s just say that those bells won’t be the only thing ringing by the end of the day.

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Telstra Announces Australia's Pay Phones Are Now Free to Use.

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