Teaching iPad and iPhone to Seniors 5-6-2019 | Summary of Information Related to ipad courses for seniors

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Teaching iPad and iPhone to Seniors 5-6-2019 | News ipad courses for seniors Latest

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Teaching iPad and iPhone to Seniors 5-6-2019 and images related to this ipad courses for seniors.

Teaching iPad and iPhone to Seniors 5-6-2019

Teaching iPad and iPhone to Seniors 5-6-2019

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Seniors are highly motivated to learn to use devices, but have few opportunities to attend classes that address their needs to use. Most are unaware of how these devices can connect them to the free library services of Hoopla, Freegal, Libby (Overdrive) and their local online catalogs.

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This presentation will include an outline of what can be taught in five 90-minute classes. Highlighted will be the 20 apps every senior needs to know and practical advice on such topics as: Offering classes outside of the library, fee-based classes and limiting class sizes.

Presenter: Barbara Friedman, Director of the Erving Public Library (Erving, Massachusetts)
This webinar is worth 1 LEU

This webinar is eligible for Library Education Units for Indiana Librarians. The following policy applies: Any time a staff member views an online event (or a library purchases a site license for an online event) by any of the Training Providers Approved by ISL for LEUs, the library’s designee in an administrative or Human Resources role shall create and award LEU certificates in-house.

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Teaching iPad and iPhone to Seniors 5-6-2019.

ipad courses for seniors.

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Joy Kajan 14/08/2021 - 18:41

Terrible presentation.

Muby Stubuff 14/08/2021 - 18:41

just watched and appreciated your video… I am trying to teach my mom how to most benefit from her Ipad 6th gen, BUT REMOTELY, with me in BROOKLYN, and she in SEATTLE. She is 83, VERY CURIOUS AND EAGER AND CAPABLE, but issues of touch, clicking opening pix from within a message thread for viewing (then realizing you need to hit cancel, or swipe pic away to return to message thread) are constant challenges….

We troubleshoot in FT AUDIO, while messaging, sending texts, pix and occasional youtube vids …sometimes she can click, enlarge, and hit play button on vid, yet sometimes the volume bullhorn icon is muted, with a line through it, so she needs to remember to deactivate mute so she can hear the youtube, yet sometimes it plays just fine, WITH sound…. DOING this level of trouble shooting over a FT audio session, without being able to see what is on her screen, and what is causing a problem is SO VERY CHALLENGING … DO YOU HAVE A VIDEO TUTORIAL RECOMMENDATION you might share that my very sharp and capable mom might watch that could SHOW HER IN ACTION some of these subtle TOUCH effects in action, that trigger pop up short cut menus/commands, etc… As you suggested, the touch/clicks/pressure sensitive gestures are SO HARD TO EXPRESS AND CONVEY REMOTELY, when I am unable to show her in person or point to her screen ….Also, any video showing helpful tips (such as how to take a screenshot, which as you suggested — and I have already told my momma — is SO HELPFUL AND "COOL.")

THANKS so much for your thorough video…. I have often thought that I MIGHT want to teach to seniors (as I spent time with my own aging parent) and realize how tech can open and expand AND IMPROVE THE QUALITY AND EASE OF their world…. Thanks again!


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