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by Alex Tran

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iPad Tips for Seniors | News ipad lessons for seniors Latest

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iPad Tips for Seniors and images related to this ipad lessons for seniors.

iPad Tips for Seniors

iPad Tips for Seniors

ipad lessons for seniors and Share related to content.

If your new to the iPad then this video is for you. This continues the iPad for Senior video series with 5 useful tips that will make using your iPad a joy.

Master iPad Control Center:
2019 iPad for Seniors:
Buy the 2019 iPad: .

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iPad Tips for Seniors.

ipad lessons for seniors.

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Marilyn Harris 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Lyndsay is long suffering. 😊. I’ve just discovered you, and love your presentations.

Alchemist-A 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Thank you Rich

ursamagick MT 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Here's a tip for Apple.
Include a manual!

Sol Garde 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Thanks for the video. Really I knew these trips, but it’s always useful to hear them again. Then you speak so clearly and it’s a pleasure to hear you. My language is not English and sometimes it’s hard to understand videos.

Iluv2watchutube1981 11/08/2021 - 04:41

We could use a little extra help. My mom whom is a senior owns a iPad 6 generation.
The problem is storage. Mom has a huge amount of content such as pics, videos, emails, all on a 32G iPad.
The storage has become very low
The iPad is now a challenge to use.

She has no idea how to store it all, to make more space.
Could you provide some easy steps on how to store everything? She has on the iPad? Pardon any typos I'm visually impaired

Donavan Martin 11/08/2021 - 04:41

You're the Mr Rodgers of iPad videos. 🙂

Pat Hempfield 11/08/2021 - 04:41

How do I save some of my emails that I want to read later

Margot White 11/08/2021 - 04:41

I haven't had an iPad in a while and no I'm not at all new to computers gnu to Computers, I found it so relaxing to use this YouTube.I am a senior after all, and it was nice to hear one of my own, speak at a comfortable speed and manner.

Joanne Slaughter 11/08/2021 - 04:41

I would like to know how to install outlook and use attachments

Darlina Ycaro 11/08/2021 - 04:41

How to watch this video in full screen in utube?

scott evans 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Incredible: no step , no instruction that you gave worked for more than one level. My iPad was right next to my laptop. I duplicated your touch screen instructions exactly and repeatedly. Nothing happened for more than a single instruction more than once. this makes your computer instructions better than average.

mae rowe 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Thank you.

GRANRAPPA Not your Average Moe. 11/08/2021 - 04:41


Linda Brown 11/08/2021 - 04:41

What happens if you loose email button on home page had my email address for yrs

Maria Stenger 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Thank you great help to those no knowledge in any computer no idea,big help.

Kirk Rogers 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Thank you. Good video, of course a new version has arrived, most of the trips still worked.

Peggysue661 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Good job

Dottie Hawthorne 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Easy to follow. Well paced.

Jim Davis 11/08/2021 - 04:41

I have used an iPad for years but learned so much from this video. Thanks for sharing.

Bev Bennett 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Great video simplified for the new usurer.

carlos santa coloma 11/08/2021 - 04:41

I am a senior and I like the fact that you kept it quite simple!

John W. Pederson 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Teaching my cousin who is deaf on how to use Apple Products! Thank you for not speaking so fast, as we are using CC. WE ARE IN OUR 70’s.

MsLinanator 11/08/2021 - 04:41

Need all the help I can get! Thank you!


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